Circus of Horrors Halloween 2015

This year, The HMS Victory was transformed into a CIRCUS OF HORRORS for the best halloween 2015 party in Bordeaux! We had Circus Themed Pub Decorations, a Midnight Costume Competition, the one and only DJ FauxMo with spooky tunes, Special Offers on Cocktails and Shots and a Photo Corner for pics !

HMS Circus Halloween 2015

Check out all of the great pictures we got at the party !

Hallowen HMS-54 Hallowen HMS-55 Hallowen HMS-56 Hallowen HMS-57 Hallowen HMS-58 Hallowen HMS-59 Hallowen HMS-60 Hallowen HMS-61 Hallowen HMS-62 Hallowen HMS-63 Hallowen HMS-64 Hallowen HMS-65 Hallowen HMS-66 Hallowen HMS-67 Hallowen HMS-68

Hallowen HMS-69 Hallowen HMS-70 Hallowen HMS-71 Hallowen HMS-72 Hallowen HMS-53 Hallowen HMS-52 Hallowen HMS-51 Hallowen HMS-50 Hallowen HMS-49 Hallowen HMS-48 Hallowen HMS-47 Hallowen HMS-46 Hallowen HMS-44 Hallowen HMS-45 Hallowen HMS-43 Hallowen HMS-42 Hallowen HMS-41 Hallowen HMS-40 Hallowen HMS-39 Hallowen HMS-38 Hallowen HMS-33 Hallowen HMS-34 Hallowen HMS-35 Hallowen HMS-36 Hallowen HMS-37 Hallowen HMS-32 Hallowen HMS-31 Hallowen HMS-30 Hallowen HMS-29 Hallowen HMS-28 Hallowen HMS-26 Hallowen HMS-25 Hallowen HMS-24 Hallowen HMS-27 Hallowen HMS-22 Hallowen HMS-21 Hallowen HMS-20 Hallowen HMS-19 Hallowen HMS-23 Hallowen HMS-18 Hallowen HMS-17 Hallowen HMS-12 Hallowen HMS-16 Hallowen HMS-11 Hallowen HMS-15 Hallowen HMS-10 Hallowen HMS-9 Hallowen HMS-14 Hallowen HMS-13 Hallowen HMS-8 Hallowen HMS-3 Hallowen HMS-4 Hallowen HMS-5 Hallowen HMS-6 Hallowen HMS-7 Hallowen HMS-2

HMS_ZombieWalk_flyer copy

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