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Regardless if you’re English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or French supporters, we have the live sport in Bordeaux that you’re looking for. Every day, The HMS Victory shows live matches whether it’s football, rugby, cricket or even american football… Here’s what’s going on this week!










The HMS has all the sport, shown live on big screens, all the time. Stop in and ask for your team, no matter which one you support. And if we’re not showing your match, don’t hesitate to ask one of the Crew Members to put it on the TV !


UEFA BordeauxUEFA EURO 2016

Coming out to France to watch the UEFA World Cup Football? We’ve been battening down the hatches and tightening the riggings so that everything is ready for the EURO 2016 month of madness!! From new partners and special offers, to big screens and great after parties, the pubs in Bordeaux are going to be crazy! 

RWC_article_coverTHE RWC 2015

The Rugby World Cup has came and gone and there was no chance of spending the week-end in Twickenham… No problem, there were lots of other ways to experience the matches ‘EN LIVE’ in Bordeaux! Here’s what happened in the pubs during the RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015.


For all of the upcoming matches, check out our Allomatch Page:



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